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Modifiers Car Club comes back to Wellesley for September showcase

The Modifiers annual car demonstrate comebacks to Wellesley on Sept. 16, 9am-2:30pm, at Wellesley Community Center at two hundred nineteen Washington St. Most of the proceeds go to The Wellesley Food Pantry and United States Marine Corps Fucktoys for Tots.

The Modifiers is an old school car club commenced in one thousand nine hundred sixty two by a group of high school pals who loved to tinker with cars and figure out how to make them go quicker. It lay dormant for a while but has roared back since two thousand ten and meets monthly now at the Community Center.

Admission to the showcase is $Two, and refreshments will be available for purchase. Seniors free, Veterans free, Children under twelve free.

Wellesley sort of emerges in upcoming feature film, “The Leisure Seeker”

A far-away American town gets to pretend it`s Wellesley in an upcoming feature film, The Leisure Seeker, starring Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland. Scheduled for U.S release on January Nineteen, 2018, the movie is about a retired Wellesley duo who determines to coax the old Winnebago out of the garage and onto the open road for one last hurrah of a roadtrip.

They`re draping out in diners, they`re making friends at campgrounds, and of course their adult children are just sick with worry. Sutherland`s character is a retired high school English teacher with Alzheimer`s, and Mirren`s character also has health challenges so what are they thinking, setting off like that and worrying everybody? So irresponsible.

Albeit The Leisure Seeker is set partly in Wellesley it wasn`t filmed here, providing another town the acting chance of a lifetime.

The September three premier at the Venice International Film Festival garnered mixed reviews for the roadtrip flick. The Telegraph loved it. Multiplicity panned it. I guess it will be up to The Swellesley Report to break the tie when the movie is widely released. I`m sure I will be adequately recovered by then from the demonstrable snub by the organizers of the Venice Film Fest, who evidently left my invitation to the premier somewhere on the cutting room floor.

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Help Houston

Glad Labor Day, Wellesley

I hope you`re headed to the Cape or up to Fresh Hampshire for Labor Day weekend, because not much is going on here in Wellesley. Here`s what to expect on this upcoming federal holiday:

The Recycling and Disposition Facility — CLOSED

Town Hall and town offices — CLOSED

Post offices — CLOSED

Liquor stores — OPEN at holder`s discretion

Bars, restaurants, retail — OPEN, regular hours

Wellesley aims to stave off 40B onslaught with Housing Production Plan

The town has taken another step in its effort to build up more control over housing development in Wellesley by crafting a draft request for proposals for a Housing Production Plan. A spate of 40B proposals this summer to plop affordable and other housing units into various neighborhoods across town has prompted the activity, which could give Wellesley the capability to shoot down unfriendly 40Bs by formally documenting that it is making progress on achieving state mandated affordable housing goals.

The draft RFP seeks to pay a consultant up to $35K for a plan, which ideally would be finished within six months of being awarded (various town approvals of the RFP are being sought this month, so it likely would be issued shortly thereafter). The plan presumably won`t influence current 40B proposals, but would put Wellesley in more control of its housing development fate going forward. Wellesley`s Planning Department and Selectmen`s Office looked to Housing Production Plans from Brookline and Southborough, which are among the dozens of communities in the state that have such plans, for guidance in assembling its draft RFP.

Under the 40B statute, communities in Massachusetts that have less than 10% of their housing stock defined as affordable according to a formula based on median incomes in the area are largely at the grace of the state when it comes to approval of projects that have at least 20% to 25% of their units deemed affordable. An staggering majority of such projects get OK’d by the state. Wellesley`s affordable housing hovers at just over 6% of its overall stock.

Wellesley is seeking to diversify its housing stock, which in turn would theoretically support a more economically, culturally, racially and age diverse population in town.

Wellesley Cone Crawl comebacks on Sept. Ten

Wellesley Theatre Project has announced its 5th annual Cone Crawl to be held on Sunday, Sept. Ten from Noon- 5pm .

Tickets cost $Ten and entitle the bearer to visit JP Licks, Truly Yogurt, Baskin Robbins, and B. Good (smoothies count too!) to love a petite cone (think tasting size). Participants will also receive a 2017, “I Conquered the Cone Crawl” T-Shirt that can be picked up at the Wellesley Theatre Project studio at 98R Central St. in Wellesley Square.

All proceeds from the Cone Crawl will go to support WTP programs such as Theatre Arts Classes and Camps, Utter Realized Productions, Workshops and Master Classes, Outreach and Community Programs and Events, and the WTP Scholarship Fund.

The Cone Crawl is sponsored by the Wellesley Bank Charitable Foundation, The Swellesley Report, Gennari Aronson, Very first Commons Bank, Christine Norcross and Fucking partners, Boulderado Group, Butler Rubin, BraunWeiss, Chilly Bears, and the Wellesley Community Center.

If you are interested in participating in the Cone Crawl, you can get your tickets online at www. wellesleytheatreproject.org or at the WTP Studio, located at 98R Central St.

Wellesley Theatre Project is an arts academy and a Wellesley nonprofit loyal to providing students (PreK ' 12th Grade) with the chance to explore and practice theatre and performing arts through year round classes, staged productions, workshops and summer camps.

Registration is open for WTP’s two thousand seventeen Fall Classes and Production of Madagascar! Classes range in age from pre-k through 12th Grade in acting, singing, dance, improv, technical theatre, stage combat, and more!

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