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Top ten American Cars Not Actually Made in America

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President Donald Trump is menacing to impose a tax for vehicles sold in the U.S. that aren`t made in America.

Unluckily, his plan will influence American automakers just as it will affect Japanese, Korean, and European ones too. All of the Detroit Big Three manufacture vehicles outside the U.S. borders, some of which are America`s best-selling vehicles.

So how could things switch if Trump imposes a big border tax on vehicles manufactured in Mexico or Canada? Let`s take a look at the top ten best selling cars manufactured by American automakers that aren`t actually built in the U.S.

Also, here`s an interesting fact: The spectacular Ford GT supercar is built in Ontario, Canada, but we didn`t include it on the list because its sales/production volume are just too low to match the following vehicles on this list.

Ten. Chrysler 300

Last year, Chrysler sold 53,241 units of its 300, making it the 94th best-selling car in the U.S. overall. The model is actually manufactured in Canada and shipped to the U.S., which originally caused a stir when Chrysler launched its “Imported from Detroit” campaign.

9. Chrysler Pacifica

The fresh Chrysler Pacifica minivan was introduced last year and still it managed to sell 62,366 units, proving that minivans aren`t entirely dead. Overall, it was ranked 81st on the best-selling vehicles in the U.S. list for 2016. Chrysler manufactures the Pacifica minivan at its Windsor Assembly Plant just across the sea from Detroit.

8. Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger ranked 79th on the list, selling 64,433 units last year. The American sports car competes with the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, but is actually built in Canada, at the same plant as the Chrysler three hundred in Brampton, Ont.

7. Dodge Charger

Like the Chrysler three hundred and Dodge Challenger, the Charger is manufactured in Canada at the Brampton Assembly Plant outside of Toronto. Perhaps more surprising is that the Charger outsold the Challenger, with 95,437 units moving off dealership lots last year, ranking it 58th overall.

6. Jeep Renegade

Jeep`s compact crossover was the 50th best-selling car in the U.S. last year and albeit the brand is so iconic among Americans, the Renegade is built in Melfi, Italy, alongside the related Fiat 500X.

Five. Ford Edge

Ford manufactures several of its models in Canada and the Edge crossover is one of them. Built at the company`s Canadian factory in Oakville, Ont., the Ford Edge was the 32nd best-selling car in the U.S. after moving 134,588 units last year.

Four. Chevrolet Equinox / GMC Terrain

Both the Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain are manufactured in Canada. Last year, Chevy sold 242,195 Equinox crossovers, while the GMC Terrain moved 87,925 units. That landed the Equinox at 15th place overall while the Terrain sits at 63rd place.

Three. Ford Fusion

Production of the Ford Fusion is in Mexico, along with other Ford models like the Fiesta and Lincoln MKZ. The sedan proved to be fairly popular with shoppers last year with 265,840 units sold, putting it in 13th place overall.

Two. Ram 1500

Not all Ram pickup trucks are built outside the U.S., but request is so strong that the Ram one thousand five hundred Regular Cab is also built in Mexico. Many of the Ram one thousand five hundred Team Cab models are also built there as well. The Ram pickup truck was the third best-selling vehicle in the U.S. last year, moving a total of 489,418 units.

1. Chevrolet Silverado / GMC Sierra

Even however it`s of the best-selling vehicles in the U.S., not all Chevrolet Silverados are actually built in the U.S. Like Ram, General Motors uses several plants to assemble their pickup trucks with the popular Squad Cab models manufactured in Mexico. The Silverado and Sierra Regular and Dual Cabs are, however, built in America. Last year, Chevrolet sold 574,876 Silverado pickup trucks, only bested by the Ford F-Series. The Sierra wasn`t as popular, sitting at 17th on the list after selling 221,680 units.

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Maybe you need a geography lesson. From what I can see the only auto not made in America (north and south) is the Jeep Renegade made in Italy.

They always come back with, “It is going to hurt the consumer with cost added” . The Mexican president just said this about the wall and Trump menacing them with tax increases if they don`t pay for it directly. Yes the price will go up some but bringing these ten plants back that are making these cars outside of the US will add hundreds of thousand of good paying jobs. Not just jobs at the plants but all the other jobs created by companies that supply them will relocate for Just in Time inventory needs just a few miles away. More Jobs!! I know this as I have sold products to a customer that manufactures the headliners for GM in KC. This would mean millions of jobs. More income equals more taxes going in, even with a tax cut, because of the volume of the dollars moving in the economy. I mean there will be fresh restaurants embarked down the street from a plant that had been brought back that will now make money off the workers and that Restaurant holder will buy a fresh Truck from that plant. So that 1000.00 increase to Dodge will not be a nat on our butt in comparison to what a thriving economy will do on the back end for Americans. Don`t listen to all the ignorance!!

LOL, Trump, funny how the rich don`t understand that it is Americans that pay those tariffs.Yet we for some reason proceed to elect the rich knowing they have no idea what most Americans live with.

Perhaps you need a reading comprehension lesson, as the headline read “Made in the U.S.”

Common confusion here by the ignorant, like Trump. “America” is NOT exclusively the United States of America. Area and even population wise we`re just a chink in the block. Canadians, all latina, and even Portugese, as in Brazil, derived folks would appreciate a bit less of this chest thumping stupidity.

FCA has too many eggs in the wrong baskets.

And the world can function just fine without those particular automobiles.

Trade wars do not bring more jobs. The suppliers are located across North America, and reminisce, the thing that began mass immigration from Mexico was the phat loss of low tech jobs to China via North America ' so, enormous numbers of fresh jobs, no!

Some of the suppliers for relocated plants will be in North America, including the US. Some US/Canadian/Mexican suppliers provide parts for cars worldwide ' even cars built in China, EU, Japan, South Korea. If Canada and Mexico are stronger, they provide less of a haul on their largest trading playmate, the US. And they then create request for US products and services.And their suppliers send parts for cars made in the US. So, no massive millions of fresh jobs, unless stimulated from switching demographics. Like there are massive millions of fresh births over deaths ' or fresh immigrants. Then businesses would supply the products needed for the larger population. Believe it or not, the US in dollar terms, still makes more stuff than anyone ' except China.

Or maybe just advance automation and eliminate these jobs… if you possessed a business would you choose employees? Or a one time investment in robots?

It`s not far fetched, we`re already testing self driving cars

If the vehicles are built in Canada or Mexico, they should be sold THERE and not imported to the US!

This is truly getting old to buy a supposed US automaker vehicle & find out that it is made outside the US!

Drilldo. You hit me to it.

Steve…put your glasses on….

Top ten American Cars Not Actually Made in America.

America has always been defined as the USA.

At the very top of the page. Below……..

Top ten American cars not made in the U.S.

Libtard Steve. “America” refers to the USA, always has.

Go back to blubbering to your Hillary poster, chump!

Which simply means that the US is a PART, not the entire, of America.The rest of the reply is just so hackneyed it just pales. And this is why we`re going to proceed to lose world status. One-way thinking leads to smallness and that is where this kind of conversation takes it. As they say, ignorance is bliss, so love.

Does that mean they can stop importing the parts from the U.S. Auto manufacturing isn`t just one country , its a North American collective operation.

I wish it truly was a collective operation, but not even NAFTA equalized the price of autos inbetween our two nations despite sharing the same continent! It`s totally not fair that we (in Canada) pay way more for the same cars especially since a lot of them are made here. It`s also not fair that neither the U.S. or Canada can get the fresh Ford Ranger that`s available in Mexico ;-/ Viva la petite … Truck.

Ford hasn`t brought Ranger to Canada/US market because it would require a process called Federalizing. Federalizing is a process by which cars have their internal engineering substantially altered to fit US/Canada emissions/fuel economy/safety regulations that are not present in Mexico. Therefore, US/Canada keep out some car companies that would otherwise rival with our car companies. It`s called protectionism. Good or bad, it means we don`t get all the goodies.

Absolutely. They are so strenuous on SUVs, they`re fucked if gas prices go back up. They need to do major hybridizing of their SUVs. Hybrid Jeeps/Rams/Dodges would hedge against an uncertain fuel market.

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