Tenerife carjacking victim, 42, exposes how she had to leap out her speeding car after it was stormed by a British man who was later found dead in a field

Tenerife carjacking victim, 42, exposes how she had to leap out of her speeding car after it was stormed by a British man who was later found dead in a field

Cops are studying footage of the white Mitsubishi, stolen by the 30-year-old weaving across the carriageway with both doors open

A 42-YEAR-old woman whose car was hijacked by a British man later found dead in Tenerife has told police of her "miracle escape" from death as she flung herself out of the passenger seat onto a busy motorway.

Police on the holiday island are studying various movies of the incident on the TF-1 when the white Mitsubishi car, stolen by 30-year-old Kevin Daffurn, was spotted weaving across the carriageway with both doors open.

His appalled passenger who escaped the ordeal flipped out onto the hard shoulder, it has been exposed, but as she attempted to stand up, she collapsed in front of the oncoming traffic and was snatched from certain death by a police officer.

Albeit she escaped with cuts and wounds, she is said to be very traumatised by the practice and still in shock.

Spanish newspaper El Dia says the woman, who has not been named, comes from La Laguna in the north of Tenerife.

A total investigation is presently underway to find out exactly what happened on Thursday afternoon, the same day Kevin Daffurn had arrived on the island for a holiday with two friends. He came from Knotts in North Lanarkshire.

An autopsy and toxicology reports will be the key as they will determine whether he was acting under the influence of either alcohol or drugs or a combination of both.

Kevin was found dead in a field alongside the motorway near Los Cristianos four hours later, wearing just cut-offs and with no boots on his feet. It appeared that he had not suffered any sort of outer injury.





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El Dia says witnesses have described scenes similar to those out of a horror film which embarked when Kevin Daffurn reportedly spotted a car outside a shopping centre.

Albeit the 42-year-old woman was in the passenger seat, her hubby had got out for a few seconds, leaving the ignition keys in it.

The horrified Spanish woman is said to have told police that Kevin drove off at speed towards the motorway where she took the decision to fling herself out in a bid to escape his erratic driving.

El Dia says the woman was in real danger of being run over by approaching cars before she was snatched to safety by the Civil Guard officer based at Playa de las Americas who risked his own safety to intervene.

She was taken to hospital and was so shocked she was incapable to speak. Her main injury were cuts to her arms.

With Kevin still at the wheels of the hijacked car, several accidents were caused on the motorway before he too hopped out.

He then attempted to steal a motorcycle and also leaped into another car stuck in the traffic jam but the quick-thinking driver pulled on the handbrake and ran off.

Witnesses have reported watching Kevin hop over the motorway barriers towards the Los Cristianos/Costa Adeje area.

Two tourists later stumbled across his figure in a field.

El Dia says the Spanish woman might need psychological support to overcome such an ordeal. She has been helping the police reconstruct the fateful events.

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