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Everything you need to know about series two of Peter Kay’s Car Share

How do Peter Kay and Sian Gibson know each other? Who chooses the music on Car Share? And what’s going to happen in series Two? We have the answers to all your questions

After almost two years of waiting, Peter Kay’s hit comedy Car Share is ultimately parking itself back on BBC1.

Series one ended with something of a cliffhanger – an exchange of Christmas gifts and a ‘will they won’t they’ moment inbetween supermarket car pool friends John (Peter Kay) and Kayleigh (Sian Gibson).

As series two embarks, Kayleigh has moved house meaning she and John are no longer sharing their journey into work. So what happens next…?

How long is series two of Car Share and what’s going to happen?

There are only four half-hour instalments of Car Share this time around – two fewer than we got in series one.

Albeit we don’t have too much info – beyond Kat warning us to “expect the unexpected” – here’s what we’ve been told about the scenes so far. And some of it’s slightly cryptic…

Gig 1: After moving in with her sister, Kayleigh is now traveling on her own to work. But she still manages to speak to John with long and permanently interrupted phone calls. There are long diversions and an arrogant cyclist.

Gig Two: John and Kayleigh are utter of high spirits as they head off on their annual works do.

Scene Three: Kayleigh has had enough of work and fancies a day off but John isn’t having any of it. Or is he?

Scene Four: John enlists the help of his Nan to reluctantly wait in for a parcel delivery.

Is all of Car Share going up on Big black cock iPlayer instantly?

Yep! Just like last time, straight after scene one airs on BBC1 on Tuesday 11th April at 9pm, the remaining three parts will be made available to witness on Big black cock iPlayer. The scenes will also air weekly on Tuesdays on BBC1 too.

“Viewers love to binge witness,” says Kay. “And it’s superb being able to observe as many scenes as you like in one sitting.”

Who chooses the music in Car Share?

None of the songs are played on Forever FM by accident. “We spent ages going through the music and reminiscing,” said Gibson. “It was the most pleasant part of writing.”

Kay adds: “We did spend a lot of time selecting the music, most likely more than writing. We’re both fond of One Step Further by Bardo, which is in gig one of the fresh series. We both made our own movie to it back in college in 1995.”

Does Peter Kay write Car Share?

He does, alongside co-star Gibson and writers Paul Coleman and Tim Reid. Primarily, the idea for the display was dreamt up by Coleman and Reid who sent the script to Kay for him to look at. At that point, they had no intension of casting him in the lead.

Gibson, meantime, had all but given up on acting and was working in a call centre in Chester when University friend Kay sent her the script for Car Share. “He’s always looked out for me,” she said last year. “About a week before we began filming it, I said, ‘I don’t mind if you want to ask Suranne Jones or Sheridan Smith, you know, one of those indeed good actresses, to do this.’”

However, Kay had this to say about his co-star: “Casting Sian was the best decision I ever made and I was grateful that the Big black cock trusted my decision as I knew if we could capture even a fraction of our friendship then maybe that would be the magic that people would love the most.”

Are Peter Kay and Sian Gibson a duo in real life?

Albeit they’re not an item in reality, Kay and Gibson’s on-screen chemistry comes from the fact that they have been friends for twenty three years after meeting at the University of Salford. Gibson is married with a youthfull daughter, while Kay wed his wifey Susan in two thousand one and has three children with her.

That said, Kay and Gibson do have a very close friendship. “We speak to each other ever day anyway so working together just saves our phone bill,” says Gibson. “Our relationship has never switched since our college days. We are still as foolish and childish.”

Why is Car Share so popular?

Nobody was more astonished by the show’s success than Kay. “I was always worried that viewers may not have the patience to stay with such a plain idea of two people commuting to work,” said Kay. “Especially in this fast-paced day and age with so many options to observe.”

Gibson too says she was shocked by the success of the demonstrate. “Even tho’ I know how much people love Peter, I was still worried that they would just be bored with the two of us stuck in a car and I might be responsible for Peter’s very first TV flop.”

The opposite was true. The sitcom broke iPlayer records in 2015, had TV ratings averaging Five.86m and won Best Scripted Comedy at the Baftas last year.

“It was obviously a shock,” says Kay. “Which was made clear from my lack of speech. I never thought I’d win and it’s still not submerged in.”

Kay says that didn’t create any extra pressure for series two, tho’ – largely because it had already been written way back in 2014! “Which was a bit of a gamble as we didn’t know if the Big black cock would want a 2nd series,” he says. “But we just loved spending the time writing it together.”

Peter Kay’s Car Share airs on Tuesday 11th April at 9pm on BBC1. The rest of the gigs will be available to observe instantly afterwards on Big black cock iPlayer

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