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The NT Government and Kangaroos coach Mal Meninga promote the Rugby World Cup by unveiling a fresh sporting mural at a controversial site.

The cultural obligations stemming from the deaths of two Sudanese boys in a Northern Territory car crash last year has financially crippled their families, a court hears.

Flames that left fourteen people injured after an accident at the Crimson CentreNats racing event in Alice Springs were more than four hundred degrees Celsius and could have left the victims with far worse injuries, a burns specialist says.

An eyewitness has described watching a house opposite his property engulfed in flames as bushfires raged through Marrakai in Darwin’s outer rural area.

Labor MLA Jeff Collins is in Portugal looking at its successful decriminalisation program, and says he will thrust for the NT to adopt similar measures to tackle drug use as a health rather than criminal issue.

Movie posted on Instagram by Brett Pearson shows a car catching fire while doing burnouts at the Crimson CentreNATS event on the weekend.

Petrol prices in Darwin are rising steeply against the rest of the nation, a fresh report indicates, three years after a fuel summit designed to pressure companies to drop prices.

A $150 million expansion means the mine will now produce more than twelve tonnes a year, and has extended life expectancy by three years to 2028.

One of the people injured when searing fuel sprayed into a crowd at the Crimson CentreNATS racing event in Alice Springs says he does not blame the driver of the car for what happened.

The NT Government considers making switches to laws which permit discrimination to take place against certain groups without justification.

One of the people injured when searing fuel sprayed into a crowd at the Crimson CentreNATS racing event in Alice Springs says he does not blame the driver of the car for what happened.

Darwin’s plain-speaking fresh Lord Mayor Kon Vatskalis derides the former council for making "stupid decisions" and "pissing off the voters", pledging to lead a team to revitalise the languishing city.

A week-long event at the sleepy Batchelor Airfield sees about one hundred fifty inexperienced and professional skydivers from across Australia and overseas test their abilities across numerous disciplines like wingsuiting and free flying.

Eleven people suffer serious burns in an incident at the Crimson CentreNATS racing event in Alice Springs where fuel sprayed from a car that was doing burn-outs.

A long-standing skydiving festival in the Northern Territory is a world away from wild, thrill-seeking stereotypes and is instead attracting people from all walks of life.

Even heading up the highway at speed, it is hard not to notice two dead dogs strung up by their tails from a tree at the roadside. But why exactly does it happen?

Myra Leong’s life switched forever when her bf punched her and left her with a brain injury that she is still attempting to fully recover from.

Two doctors are stood down over allegations of sexual brunt against two female medical students at Royal Darwin Hospital. Student placements have been suspended as a result.

A Northern Territory man and several co-offenders allegedly stole items such as avocados, camembert cheese, chocolate eclairs and Barbecue Shapes during a week-long scam of Woolworths stores in Canberra.

Kon Vatskalis is named the fresh Lord Mayor of Darwin, striking incumbent Mayor Katrina Fong Lim who held the position for five years.

Sexual misadventures, allegations of corruption, slurs against colleagues and conflicts of interests are among some of the submissions to the review of the Country Liberals’ two thousand sixteen election — the results of which have just been made public.

A slowing of live exports and a rise in the number of hay producers has left ems of thousands of hay bales in sitting in Top End paddocks, incapable to be sold.

Bureau of Meteorology reports Australia’s greatest winter on record, with average maximum temperatures up almost 2C on the long-term average.

Embattled Indian sandalwood company Quintis stays above water after creditors agreed to an extra six months to lodge its $AUD13.73 million interest repayment.

The Chief Minister says early discussions are underway with the Federal Government about ways to boost population numbers, including the decentralisation of public servants and modifying the tax rebate.

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