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The past duo of years haven’t been kind to diesels or the companies that make them. Among the hardest hit have been German manufacturers like Volkswagen, which has coughed up over $22 billion in fines and fixes so far, with many more opportunities for payouts down the road. (That said, U.S. Read More»

Many people assume that the upcoming movie about Volkswagen’s Dieselgate fiasco will look a lot like Wall Street or The Insider: a tale of corporate greed run amok. If European investigators are proven right, however, the film could be more like The Matrix, because the plot is heading deeper and. Read More»

If you witness the news regularly, you often hear about companies merging–often after one of the companies has been bought for a very hefty sum. But what goes into determining the value of a company? It’s not just a abate calculation of cash and physical assets, or even annual revenue. Part of a. Read More»

In March, Mercedes-Benz’s U.S. chief, Dieter Exler, told reporters at the Fresh York Auto Demonstrate that the luxury automaker might stop selling diesels in America. Two months later, it emerges that the company has indeed thrown in the towel–at least for passenger vehicles, and at least for model year. Read More»

In the wake of the Dieselgate crisis, selling diesels has become a dicey proposition–and not just for Volkswagen. The debate around diesels has been especially heated in the U.S., which has some of the planet’s strictest emissions regulations and where diesels have never indeed caught on anyway. Read More»

Yesterday, we learned that French authorities are planning to investigate allegations of emissions fraud involving diesels made by Fiat Chrysler, Volkswagen, Renault, and PSA Group. Now we’ve learned that Daimler diesels are also the subject of a probe–this one conducted by German officials. That. Read More»

Mercedes-Benz has issued a massive recall affecting more than 354,000 vehicles from the 2015, 2016, and two thousand seventeen model years. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some of those cars may be at risk of catching fire. The problem with the vehicles is electrical in nature and is. Read More»

Mercedes-Benz is recalling toughly 12,500 E-Class vehicles from the two thousand seventeen model year to fix a manufacturing problem that could increase the risk of injury during collisions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains that the occupant detection control unit in some two thousand seventeen E-Class cars. Read More»

With more than six hundred horsepower on tap, the two thousand eighteen Mercedes-AMG E63 S station wagon may very well represent the most entertaining way to haul your family around. To say that it’s nothing like the Buick Centurys and FordCountry Squires that once predominated suburbia is certainly an understatement. The. Read More»

Mercedes-Benz is recalling almost 48,000 GLE models from two thousand sixteen and two thousand seventeen to address a software flaw that could prevent the crossover’s airbags from working as intended. The problem is rooted in the GLE’s occupant classification system (OCS), which determines whether or not an adult is seated in the. Read More»

For 2017, Mercedes-Benz has redesigned its bread-and-butter model: the E-Class. Albeit not every fresh E-Class variant has been shown off yet (in typical Mercedes style, there will be many), the sedan that’s on the market now is one of the most advanced vehicles available at any price. It can. Read More»

Practicality and a storied spectacle pedigree don’t often go together; but the Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG and Subaru WRX are two models that suggest an amazing amount of both. Yet how these two cars get there is very different. The two aren’t so much sport sedans as four-door spectacle cars. Read More»

Ahead of its scheduled debut at next month’s Detroit auto display, Mercedes-Benz has taken the wraps off of a decidedly stylish two thousand eighteen E-Class Coupe. Building on the swoopy design of the current E-Class sedan, the E-Class Coupe will go on sale during the summer of 2018. Originally, Mercedes will launch. Read More»

The allure of the Mercedes CLA250 is difficult to fight back; it’s a puny sedan with a sterling reputation, and an un-stodgy look and feel (just take a look at that roofline). The base price is pitch-perfect, too. But commence adding options, or attempt to fit passengers into the back seat, and the CLA. Read More»

The Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class are two luxury utility vehicles that seem flawlessly sized and designed for couples or smaller families. Both measure around one hundred eighty three inches long, with mid-size cabins and suggest a range of powertrain choices and luxury upgrades. With no effort lost to rugged. Read More»

It’s likely that the very first time you spotted the Lexus NX or the Mercedes-Benz GLC, you took note. And that’s telling something, as the market is flooded with compact crossover offerings nowadays. Leave it to two of the top luxury brands, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus, not just to make good with a. Read More»

Have you bought a fresh car lately? How sated were you with the process? If you drove home a Buick or Porsche, you’re likely to say "very sated", according to a fresh explore from J.D. Power. The investigate in question is the two thousand sixteen Sales Satisfaction Index, which "measures the capability of dealerships to. Read More»

Few cars need to have the depth of range that the Mercedes-Benz E-Class offers. Long as popular in tony American cities as in the taxi queue at the main train station in Frankfurt, the E-Class has been fully redesigned for the two thousand seventeen model year. Rebooting the E-Class isn’t something Mercedes takes. Read More»

Modern cars come with a phat array of safety systems to keep drivers and passengers safe. These systems are good at spotting obstacles like pedestrians and other vehicles, but some things confuse them–things like car washes, for example. That might sound like an absurd shortcoming, but if you look. Read More»

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