Movie: Car pursue suspect rams police car

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Movie: Car pursue suspect rams police car

A scary afternoon in the San Fernando Valley Monday had nothing to do with Halloween

(CNN) ' California police took a suspect into custody Monday afternoon after a pursuit through surface streets of the San Fernando Valley. The suspect could be seen from a helicopter ' weaving through busy intersections and having close-calls with harmless drivers.

A scary afternoon in the San Fernando Valley Monday had nothing to do with Halloween, but everything to do with the pursuit of this stolen Chevy Volt.

“It`s too dangerous because of moves like this, right there. Running crimson lights, going on the wrong side of the road.”

Sky9 was overhead as the driver led police on a pursue that began in Encino. The LAPD says his speeding and crazy driving coerced them to back-off and go into tracking mode. Officers worried about other cars and pedestrians out and about.

When the suspect became erratic on the road. The pursuit was back on. Soon, he finds himself with nowhere to go in a cul-du-sac.

“Attempting to shove his way out. Hit that door, right into a head-on into an officer`s vehicle.”

With the LAPD unit now smoking, officers draw their guns and surround the suspect`s car.

“This officer is going to bust out the window, there you go. They want to bring this thing to an end. And, there you go they`re already shooting those bean-bags at him.”

The LAPD says they attempted to get him out of the car, but when he attempted to injure himself with a acute object an officer smashed out the driver`s side window.

“Boom! There you go, and there you go, now the door opens up real well. And, that suspect being helped out of the vehicle.”

If you`re wondering why police didn`t use the pit maneuver in the pursuit, the LAPD says it`s because he was driving too swift and erratically for it to be effective.

And why smash out the windows?

Well, police say it`s because they could see the driver was attempting to injure himself.

“I was just indeed, truly jumpy. Because, I didn`t want anybody to get hurt. The police here were indeed, um, on top of everything. They were securing the area, keeping everybody safe. And then, by using that on the driver, that was, that was excellent.”

The suspect was loaded onto a stretcher and taken away in an ambulance in good condition. One LAPD officer was also taken to the hospital.

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