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Business Travelers Heating Up to Car-Sharing

While traditional car rental companies still account for ninety five percent of the market, services like ride-sharing services are making inroads.

Frugal Traveler

Want to Save on Car Rentals? Go Low-Tech

Making a few phone calls can sometimes be as helpful as the latest tech developments in searching for car rental deals.

Wheelies: The Car Showcase Season Opener Edition

The season kicks off this weekend with the annual Rhinebeck classic car showcase; Willie Nelson’s old tour bus is for sale on Craigslist.

Wheelies: The BMW X6-Fighter Edition

Mercedes-Benz previews a crossover that shows up to aimed at challenging with the BMW; Cadillac and Buick top J. D. Power customer satisfaction survey.


Wheelies: The Help Me Hyundai Edition

Hyundai offers ease to furloughed federal workers who own Hyundais, and a Swedish executive glides from Ikea to Volvo.



It`s Not Just Nice to Share, It`s the Future

With collaborative consumption — the growing fresh economy based on access instead of ownership —you don`t have to buy a bike, car, prom dress, DVD, or chainsaw. You rent it or interchange for it.


Wheelies: The Not-So-Fast Edition

The Bugatti Veyron Supersport was dethroned by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world`s fastest production car.


Wheelies: The ‘Top Ten` List Edition

Graham Rahal of the Rahal Letterman Lanigan racing team takes a turn presenting the Top ten List on “The Late Demonstrate.”

Avis and Hertz Acquisitions Raise Questions Over Rate Trend

Analysts say the consolidation of the car rental business may not affect prices in the brief term, but they are less certain about the long-term implications.


Zipcar Makes S.E.C. Filing After C.E.O.`s Twitter Message

A Twitter message by Scott Griffith, the chief executive of Zipcar, led the car-sharing hard to promptly make a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, lest it face any scrutiny about fair disclosure.


Zipcar, Avis and Age Discrimination Against Renters

Zipcar rents to people inbetween the ages of eighteen and 25. Avis Budget generally does not, or if it does, it charges them a lot of money. Whose policies will prevail after their merger?

Daily Report: Avis Also Buys Zipcar Ethos

The $500 million acquisition of Zipcar by the Avis Budget Group represents a perhaps unavoidable evolution for a company that has been more successful as a collectivist concept than as a profit-making venture.


A Quicker Lane to Profitability

A $500 million sale to Avis Budget will permit the car-sharing company Zipcar to increase its margins by tapping into Avis`s underused fleet.


Wheelies: The Hangover Edition

The Avis Budget Group has agreed to acquire the car-sharing pioneer ZipCar for $500 million in cash.


Long After the I.P.O., Deals at a Discount

A number of latest deals suggest a variation on the takeunder theme: takeovers for less than the initial public suggesting price. Avis, for example, is buying Zipcar at a thirty two percent discount from the I.P.O.


Car Sharing Catches On as Zipcar Sells to Avis

The Avis Budget Group said on Wednesday that it had agreed to acquire the car-sharing pioneer Zipcar for $500 million in cash.


Wheelies: The Endless Summer Edition

Opel previews a convertible widely expected to be sold in America as a Buick.

Times Movie

An Interview with the Head of Zipcar

Ron Lieber interviews Scott Griffith, chief executive of Zipcar, a popular car-sharing service.

Mac William Bishop, Pedro Rosado and Channon Hodge

Times Movie

Business Day Live | April 13, 2012

Looking at earnings in the financial sector; Ron Lieber interviews Scott Griffith, chief executive of Zipcar; and on credit card fees, a test of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s power.

Mac William Bishop, Pedro Rosado, Channon Hodge, Matthew Orr and Gabe Johnson


Zipcar Invests in a Car-Sharing Start-Up

ZIPCAR, the international car-sharing service, has led a $13.7 million investment in Wheelz, a start-up company that has helped students at Stanford University rent their individual vehicles to other students on campus since September. Hundreds of Stanford students are signed up and using twenty five vehicles registered with Wheelz, according to Jeff Miller, a co-founder and the company’s chief executive. Wheelz plans to begin a network next week at the University of California, Berkeley. Extra programs at the University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles are expected to go after.

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