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Reddit Q&A – May 2nd

Big thanks to everyone who came out today to ask questions and provide some feedback. We attempted to stick to the theme of things that are on the Test Server, as you can see in the last Producer’s Letter.

Here’s a recap of our Q&A from today. You can find the total Reddit thread right here – Chris Wynn

  1. Are you presently working on anything substantial to thwart hackers. I know its an on going effort but there seems to be no real reduction in the last few weeks.
  2. The fresh POI are excellent, do you have any plans to switch the spawn locations to take advantage of these fresh POI, especially "Beverly hills " (H6) and the "Crate Jungle" (E3).
  3. I love the "fresh" skirmish mode, Please enable night mode. pretty please, with a cherry on top.
  4. Many players are still getting the infinite running man glitch that was introduced last patch. Any progress on tracking this bug down ?
  5. Many players are also still getting a late spawn. Sometimes several seconds, a game reset seems to fix the issue.
  1. Yes, we are permanently finding known hacks and adding those to our banned list. Thousands of accounts are banned each day. The current build on Test has updated versions of all of our anti-cheat software. We have people dedicated to purchasing hacks from the market and then using those to ban anyone using them. We are also auditing all of our anti-cheat systems and looking to hire an anti-cheat programmer to further add to our arsenal to fight against them.
  2. One thing that is presently in progress and is one of our highest priorities after getting this current patch to Live is a rework of the gas ring dynamics. This also comes with spawn improvements that may address your question here.
  3. Not sure that it will be as joy at night. Sniping will be fairly a bit different at night than it is during daylight, and I’m not sure it would be as satisfying.
  4. This one is truly difficult to track down because we cannot make it happen, it is seemingly random and almost never happens internally. We are adding some logging to hopefully catch it when it happens to be able to eradicate as quickly as possible.
  5. Interesting, will have our QA team look into this.

Will the Twitch Prime Offroader Skin be immobilized?

We have a fix in place going to Test later today and then to Live once we promote that version up.

ETA on when patch will go to live?

I don’t even feel like playing on live with how different the update is on test.

Appreciate that you are liking Test. As always, we want to ensure that the patch is ready to deploy and is not introducing fresh issues. We are still in the testing process with the objective to eliminate all known bugs this week. Then we like to test an unchanging build for a little bit before pushing it to Live.

There will be an improvement soon of the Team Go after Cam ? : – No loading screen when you interchange of teammates. – Up FOV in 3rd person, it’s indeed bad atm. – Delete the free look cam ( WAY TOO OP).

Presently on Test we disabled free look and matched the FOV to the default cam.

  1. Can we get clarification on what you guys switched to movement? Everything feels quicker, from barefeet, to conveys, to strafing — Was this intended?
  2. Why is the AR recoil so inconsistent (as shown here:
  3. Is there a fix coming to 2-taps where you hit off a helmet, then makeshift/lammy absorbing 2nd headshot?
  1. As we are always working on future initiatives, the Test server may not always 100% reflect what will be going to Live in the next update. As the name implies, it is a chance to test and tweak different elements of gameplay to gather community feedback. We adjusted the speed to see how it would play out. We certainly see the positive feedback around it, but unluckily there is a large drawback that players can show up to warp from one position to another. We will proceed to tune movement as it is a concentrate in an upcoming content release.
  2. We are looking into this.
  3. This is something that we are investigating as well to see if we can get to the bottom of what is happening in these cases.

How long will the sniper/shotties skirmish last? Will it last a week or two? What are the plans for the next skirmish? Will skirmishes be updated every weekend like it says?

Each weekend through at least May. Maybe June as well, but I don’t know fairly yet. We have a entire list of other skirmishes to give a go. Shotties and snipers is so popular, we will most likely run for a little longer before switching out to a fresh one.

My individual dearest idea is a crimson light, green light mode. If the light is crimson, no weapons work, but when it turns green, all weapons are unlocked.

How pleased are you with the shotgun right now?

Assuming you mean the fresh shotgun presently on the Test server. I think it is working much better. We have some further switches going up today to address two things that we spotted that we still didn’t like. The very first is doing a little more harm overall to prevent the cases where you shoot an opponent and they are left with less than five health. That should be a kill shot. The other situation is head shots should be more lethal, so we upped the harm multiplier on head shots for the update later today.

Any chance you could add a five – ten 2nd delay from when people begin falling with there parachutes so we can all stream in at the same time?

We have a system that attempts to make the commence even for everyone. What is presently on Test has some fresh tuning done for it to see how it does, and we can further tweak if we are witnessing a lot of unfair starts.

When it comes to network and internet speed I indeed don’t have much skill. And I don’t know how playing with one hundred seventy five players may effect your ping ( ms ) in game . But I know I am getting almost same ping in othergames whatever speedtest shows . So help me to understand , How I am getting sixty two ms on speedtest but ninety ms in game ?

You are measuring to different things. One is to a server setup to measure the time it takes to talk to your computer and the other is a game server. Also very likely not measuring the same thing in the same way.

Do you have any plans on implementing enlargened recoil for AR-15 spam? I think many players would love this and it would add a lil’ "skill gap" to the game.

I have seen this one come up a lot lately. As we proceed with a large overall gunplay balance, this is something that we will take into account.

Having played only shotty sniper on the test server (other than killing greg

  1. Vehicle skins should be on marketplace, not to make it lighter for fresh players to see vehicles, they should have to learn the game and spawns like everybody else. (overall make the game take time to learn and get good at)
  2. The Highlighted loot makes missing items virtually unlikely, at least make people pay attention when looting, and it looks cartoonie (cartoony?)
  3. With the last update I’ve been getting screen tearing alot, and this patch is even worse about that, including FPS, I like fresh POIs, but maybe less stuff outside of cities so FPS is consistent.
  4. Also why loot bag priority switch in inventory? it’s scrambled now, used to be bandages, medkits, ammo, etc now no real set order?
  1. We have to keep fresh players in mind as well. A chunk of feedback that we have received a number of times is that a fresh player cannot distinguish inbetween a drivable car and non-drivable car. I don’t think this will eliminate a skill gap at all as driving and positioning still need to be learned to play at a high level.
  2. This was done to increase tempo of play. We want you to be able to size up an area at a glance to know what to get and what to disregard, keep you focused on the fight as much as possible.
  3. Have you attempted turning on v-sync?
  4. Will be addressed.

Have you considered enhancing the speed of patch iteration? Presently we see long periods of internal testing inbetween gameplay patches, often time the community is not in favor of switches that are made, and sometimes switches do not work correctly or have unintended side effects. KOTK has an utterly large playerbase, especially for an early access games, and it could be utilized much more. Instead of internally testing a patch and possibly taking a week to find a bug, if nightly patches were shoved to the test server the community could greatly aid in reproducing and tracking down the source of bugs.

We have patched much more frequently over the last six weeks. I don’t have the exact number in front of me, but there has been a number of them.

Our cadence is structured toughly like this right now:

– Hotfixes can go at anytime they are warranted or needed

– Game Patches are going every two weeks, usually with a collection of bug fixes or petite switches

– Content Updates are every six weeks, this is when we make larger switches to the game. What is on Test right now is our next Content Update.

Has the sniper been switched at all in the test server? It feels different overall.

No switches to the sniper rifle on Test.

What is the word on FPS limit. This was working fine until last patch and was wondering if it would be immobilized in this patch.

Hoping to get it resolved this week, but it may not happen fairly in time for this update. If not, we will work it in as soon as we can.

I just have three questions about the balance of the game regarding the last update.

  1. With the fresh areas, will you keep the same amount of cars all over the map or will you add more cars?
  2. Do you plan to add more areas in the future or to revamp old ones?
  3. Ultimately, I sometimes find four Kevlar in the same building and sometimes no kevlar in a entire area and I think it unbalance the game a little bit (you will say you have to aim the head and not the figure 😀 ), but an idea could be to spawn at least one kevlar for each area, then random. What do you think of that?

Thanks for the Q&A anyway!

  1. Right now, no plans to add more cars. We have spawning and gas ring switches coming up and I want to see how those play out before adding more vehicles.
  2. We are evaluating that right now, we have not yet made a decision.
  3. We are working on a brand fresh loot system to directly address issues like this one. We are just about to commence testing it internally to see how it is performing before committing to a release timeline.
  1. Do you have any plans to switch where Laminated Armor spawns, or adjusting how they affect early game in any way? I don’t agree with many of the communities opinions about "skill gap," as most of them are just people complaining, but lammies undoubtedly ruin games for players during the very very first phase of the game.
  2. The test server is a superb idea, and the Nightmare mask promotions are a excellent way to get more people playing them, but when you’re not doing that promotion, it’s almost unlikely to play a utter game on the test server and indeed judge how the game plays. Do you have any plans on an incentive for players to play on it? I’m blessed to test fresh features out and provide feedback, but it’s not the same environment as the main game, which doesn’t help with testing things.
  3. With a shotgun rework now on its way, do you have any plans for reworking the AK-47? From my point of view, the gun seems almost irrelevant past the eighty or less player mark of the match. Dying to one past that mark is a very, very uncommon view indeed. I would love to be playing with more than just two ARs and a Shotgun in my inventory.

Love the game, guys. You’re all doing fine, keep up the good work.

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